You are not alone and there are many sources of help to provide a safe path to choosing life. Your thoughts and feelings are not permanent and there are lots of coping mechanisms to help you.

If you are having thoughts of suicide:


Distract yourself and remove yourself from the situation.


Walking can help clear your mind.  Do something that will comfort you.


Do not be by yourself, find someone you trust to be with.


Or phone one of the helplines below.


Seek medical help immediately. Phone your GP, if it is out of hours you will be directed to an out of hours service.

In case of an emergency, go to A&E or call 999.


Remember that these feelings will pass, nothing is permanent.

You do not have to feel this way, there are always other options.

If you are concerned about someone:


Ask them directly: “Are you thinking about suicide?”


They need someone to start the conversation for them. This shows that they have permission to talk about it.


A caring conversation is vital. Listen, and be non-judgmental.


Identify with somebody you can confide in and openly talk about how you are feeling.


Make sure they are not left alone.


Disable a plan. Remove anything that could be used to take their own life. 


If you think someone is at risk of suicide and they are missing and uncontactable, immediately call 999 and report it as a welfare check and explain your concerns.


Share your concerns with others.


Do not be afraid to involve their family, friends, colleagues etc.


The Jacob Abraham Foundation provides suicide prevention and intervention training but is not yet providing a helpline. Please see the helplines and organisations below who will listen to you to provide support and practical advice.

0800 132737 or

Text: help to 81066

Gadwech ini wybod os hoffech dderbyn unrhyw wybodaeth drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

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