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Jacob Abraham Foundation

NewLink Wales

Meridian Court

North Rd

Cardiff CF14 3BE

Tel: 02921 323433

Mobile: 07553118479

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Gadwech ini wybod os hoffech dderbyn unrhyw wybodaeth drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg

Please let us know if you wish to receive information in Welsh

We will only use the information about you that we obtain and hold in accordance with our fair processing notice, which sets out how we may obtain that information and how we will process it. In this fair processing notice, we refer to the Jacob Abraham Foundation as "we" or "us", as appropriate.


We would inform you of the following:

a. The controller of your personal information is the Jacob Abraham Foundation;


b. If you would like to contact us, you can do so by using the details below:

Nicola Abraham, Founder & Director Jacob Abraham Foundation, NewLink Wales, Meridian Court, North Rd, Cardiff, CF14 3BE


c. The categories of personal information we use are:

  1. Your name, address, telephone number (landline and/or mobile), e-mail address and social media details;

  2. Your physical or mental health, your race, religion or sexual orientation;

  3. Details of the bereavement you have suffered and any services we may have provided to you in that respect; and

  4. Details of any fundraising activities you may carry out on our behalf. 


d. We may collect personal information from a variety of sources including telephone conversations with you, information you have given us directly by letter, e-mail, social media or otherwise, via our web site and from other parties such as the Police, social services, crisis teams, coroners, local authority public and mental health services and other charities and support services;


e. We may disclose your personal information to other parties, including:

  1. Where we are required to do so by law, such as to the Police and other law enforcement agencies;

  2. Organisations such as the emergency services, social services, crisis teams, coroners, local authority public and mental health services and other charities and support services; and

  3. Therapists and counsellors we use to provide our services to you.


f. We will retain your personal information for as long as: 

  1. We provide our services to you;

  2. You continue to wish to benefit from our services and/or being in contact with us; or

  3. For up to seven years, whichever is the longer.


g. In certain circumstances, you have the right to:

  1. Request access to the personal information we hold about you;

  2. Request that we rectify or erase the personal data we hold about you;

  3. Request that we restrict our processing of the personal data we hold about you;

  4. Object to how we process your personal information; and

  5. The portability of your personal information, which means receiving your personal information from us in a "machine-readable" format and for us to transmit that information to another controller, if it is technically feasible for us to do so;


h. You have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner's Office about the way we process the personal information we hold about you. You can do so either by using the "Report a Concern" facility on the Information Commissioner's web site at or by writing to:

Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF


Why we collect and how we use your personal information and how we keep it safe:

We collect your personal information in order to provide our services to you and to keep you informed of the events and other support-related services we offer that may be of benefit to you.


We will:


a. Keep confidential any personal information you provide, including any information about your physical or mental health, your race, religion or sexual orientation, whether that information is provided during any support services we may provide or otherwise;


b. Obtain your agreement before using your personal information for any other purpose, unless we have reason to believe that there appears to be an immediate threat to your own life or health or to that of anyone else.  In those circumstances, we reserve the right to provide such information to your GP, the Police or other emergency services as they may need in the circumstances;


c. Ensure that your personal information is anonymised to protect your identity in the event that the services we provide to you are discussed as part of the ongoing training and development received by our staff;


d. Take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your personal information, including encryption, virus checking, strong password policies, regularly backing up the information held on our systems and having in place physical security measures such as storing documents in lockable, fireproof cabinets and access controlled external doors.


e. We will not transfer your personal information to a party that is located outside of the European Economic Area without obtaining your consent to do so. 

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