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Mental Health awareness week 2021: Connecting with nature

My name is Rosalyn and I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist at the Jacob Abraham Foundation.

Mental health awareness is important all year round, but mental health awareness week encourages us to start talking about mental health!

Looking after my own mental health and practicing self-care is an important part of my role. Over the last year it has been particularly important for my mental health to connect with nature as it has been one of the only things we have been consistently able to do during this global pandemic. I make sure to get out as much as possible, walking or riding my bike and have been doing walking challenges to raise money which have been great in raising awareness for causes, getting me some exercise, and raising a bit of money too!

These have really helped motivate me to get out and about come rain or shine! Being outside and connecting with nature helps me to feel calm and peaceful, improves my mood and gets me some exercise too!

When things feel chaotic, stressful and are getting on top of you just stop, take a break, get outside even a 5–10-minute walk can help. Sometimes we need to give ourselves space and being in nature is one of the best and easiest ways to do this. Go to the beach, walk through a woodland, visit a waterfall, go camping (this is where you will find me most summers in a field in my tent!) this world is beautiful, and it is ours to experience.

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