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The Importance of Music

During and after both positive and tricky days my go to is music.

Music has to power to be able to transport us back to specific moments in our life, both good and bad. Whether it’s the beat of a drum or the extended vocal range of the singer, we can all relate to songs in different ways.

For me, I have found it useful to create playlists which reflect the mood I am in and give the boost/regulation I need at that time. One day I could be listening to heavy punk and the next, need the more soothing sound of Imogen Heap to help me focus and control my breathing.

Looking into the stories of musicians/bands it is always interesting to see the lives they have lived and the challenges they have overcome/faced during both their upbringing and their rise to stardom.

Another gift music provides is the invitation for movement, to express freely and really get in touch with our body and the energy which needs to be held onto/released.

So today, I encourage you to put on some music, dance like no-one’s watching and sing like no-one’s listening

Written by Bryn Morgan - Therapist and Bereavement Officer - The Jacob Abraham Foundation

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